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Keep up to date with the latest Animal Poisons Centre alerts and trends here. If you are a registered veterinarian, you can keep your veterinary colleagues informed by reporting local alerts and trends to the Animal Poisons Centre.  

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Every quarter, the Australian Animal Poisons Centre publishes a Toxicological Trends report for member clinics. These reports summarise the poisoning cases that our service has handled over the previous three months and aim to identify any emerging poisoning trends or patterns. The latest Toxicological Trends report is now available to view below.  

2020 – Q3

2020 – Q2

2020 – Q1

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Member clinics have complimentary access to all webinars that are delivered by the Australian Animal Poisons Centre team. The most recent webinars that have been to the member area cover the general risk assessment of poisoned animals and ibuprofen toxicosis.

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Ibuprofen Toxicosis


Dr Lyndal Holloway - Brisbane Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Service - BVECCS

“As an emergency centre, poisoning cases are commonplace, and the array of potential toxicants is increasing all the time. Joining the Animal Poisons Centre was a great move for our business. The helpline provides us with current information 24/7 and saves our staff a great deal of time in trying to track down the information themselves on a busy shift. The staff are friendly, the phone advice is great, and then we quickly get a more detailed report of recommendations emailed through to us. We would highly recommend the service! It is well worth the investment.”


Dr Mark Reeve – Tea Tree Gully Veterinary Hospital

 “We have been using the Australian Animal Poisons Centre for 6 months and I don’t know that we could practice without it now. They always answer and have someone there to walk you through the trickiest cases. Even when it’s your own dog with a sago palm toxicity at 2 in the morning! Their new mushroom identification service is very popular with clients and makes treating these cases much easier as well!”


Dr Adrian Simon – Sydney Veterinary Emergency and Specialists

 “We run a busy emergency & specialist practice. The Australian Animal Poisons Centre service has been an invaluable service to assist our veterinarians in the management of a variety of common and uncommon, and sometimes complex toxicity cases. The advice and availability has been superb.”

Dr Manty Arnott – North Hobart Veterinary Hospital

“We have just discovered Australian Animal Poisons Centre and are thrilled with the service. We recently had a dog with ivermectin toxicity and the information provided to us was excellent, thorough and very timely (we received information on the phone at the time, and then a follow up email). It has also been great for our clients to use the service. Highly recommend this business.”

Dr David Hall – Advanced Vet Care

“In our early dealings with the Australian Animal Poisons Centre our experienced and busy 24/7 emergency team has already received valuable case help which has expediently and seamlessly helped us get the best results possible for our patients. AAPC has been professional to collaborate with and importantly they provide us case-specific advice rather than just a data sheet of information. We look forward to them continuing to help us.”

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Have you recently dealt with an unusual or interesting poisoning case? Please let us know! We would love to add the case details to petTOX which helps us keep track of poisoning trends. When relevant, we can then provide this data to regulatory bodies such as the APVMA or use it for educational purposes to improve outcomes in poisoned animals. Simply download the template, complete the relevant fields and upload below.