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Frequently asked questions

Who will I talk to when I call the Animal Poisons Centre?

The Animal Poisons Centre is staffed by Poisons Information Consultants. All Poisons Information Consultants at the service have prior experience as senior ECC veterinarians or as clinical pharmacists, have a special interest in veterinary toxicology and an in-depth knowledge of treating poisoned patients.

What constitutes a ‘case’?

A case is defined as any call regarding a patient that has been exposed or is suspected of being exposed to a poison. These include calls from any staff member employed by a member clinic and calls whereby the toxin may not be known.

What if I need to call more than once for a case?

Each case provides capacity for call-backs without additional case deduction.

How does the mushroom identification service work?

The instructions for photographing the mushroom, as well as the template backing can be downloaded here. Please call us on 1300 869 738 to initiate the identification process. Member clinics are able to access the mushroom identification service for $130 excluding GST (one case will be deducted from the case balance). Non-member clinics can utilise the service at a cost of $230 excluding GST.

Whilst most mushroom identifications can be provided down to the genus level within 1 hour, the ability to provide an identification will depend on the mushroom sample and the quality of the photographs taken. In the event that an identification is not possible the payment is non-refundable; however if our team believes that the sample or images available are unlikely to lead to an identification, we will inform you prior to forwarding to our mycologist.

How can I get more information?

You can view the full Terms & Conditions of Service here. For more information, please email or complete the contact form here.

Are you a 24-hour service?

Yes, we provide a 24-hour service to Animal Poisons Centre registered veterinary practices who require support with managing poisoned patients. After hours, your call will be diverted to our on-call Poisons Information Consultant.

Do triage queries count as a case?

We are here to support your team. If a member of your veterinary team contacts us about an animal that is at home, a case will not be deducted if the animal does not require veterinary assessment. If an animal at home requires veterinary assessment, a case will be deducted and your team is then welcome to call back for a refined risk assessment and treatment advice once the animal arrives at your clinic.

Are patient referrals counted as a case?

No. If we refer a patient to your clinic, we do not subtract a case unless you call us about that animal.

How do I upgrade my membership?

Members may upgrade their package at any time by contacting the Animal Poisons Centre at or submitting a request through their online member dashboard. A reminder email will automatically be sent to each member when they have one case remaining. To upgrade, the member must pay the full price of the new membership package and the member expiry will be updated to one calendar year from the date of the upgrade payment. Any existing case balance remaining prior to the upgrade will be rolled over and will be granted the new expiry of the upgraded membership.

How long does a membership last for?

The membership period begins on the date of payment and runs for one calendar year. Upon expiry of this period, membership will automatically be renewed for a further calendar year (pending an approved direct debit or credit card charge to the member clinic). If a member clinic wishes to cancel the recurring renewal, they must do so in writing to at least 7 days prior to the renewal date.