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Consulting and Advisory Services

As the Animal Poisons Centre is the only such service of its kind in the southern hemisphere (and one of only several worldwide), the poisoning case data that we collect is invaluable. This data can be harnessed for clinical, research, regulatory, toxicovigilance, manufacturing and insurance purposes. If you are a tertiary veterinary educational institution, a veterinarian, a researcher, a pharmaceutical or pesticide manufacturer or a pet insurer; you may be interested in our Consulting and Advisory Services.

The database that the Animal Poisons Centre uses to record and track poisoning cases is known as petTOX. petTOX is a world-class cloud based cross-platform data management software (DMS) that maintains animal toxicology data collection and reporting. petTOX has been designed and built specifically for the Animal Poisons Centre and employs a standard format, controlled and defined terminology, and an internationally harmonized classification scheme. These features make it possible to compare data collected by different agencies both domestically and internationally.

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